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The Local Tourist: Nyanga, Zimbabwe

Paid a visit to my favourite part of the country, last year November. (Yes, and I am only posting about it now *whomp whomp*).

I hadn’t been to this part of the country in over a decade and I was keen to check it out and see what was what.

First off, pack appropriately for this part of the country. I thought that it being November and the fact that Harare was experiencing a heat wave and had temps soaring in the 35ºC range, that Nyanga (that is always historically very cool/kinda cold) would be warmer than normal.

I was wrong. Pack warmly.

It was also a four hour drive from Harare to Troutbeck Lodge, which would have been a shorter journey if our national roads where dual-carriageway *ahem* and random mombes/cows didn’t try to kill us by just chilling in the road. So take it slow and easy, people.

PS: You also pass through 2 toll-gates on the way there, so make sure you have cash on you ($2 per toll).


The pictures above and below were taken from World’s View, a place I was quite sure i had never visited until this day. Only to be informed by my parents that we visited it when I was 6 years old and I was quite unimpressed at the time.

This time round I drank in all the wonderful views and marveled at this gorgeous land of mine – then started actively calculating how much it would cost to own a timeshare out here, because #relaxation.


What is there to do in Nyanga, you might ask? Lots apparently. For the active holiday makers who love to ferret all over the place, there is: forest hikes, horse riding (well only if you weigh under 70kg’s apparently), bird-watching and canoeing if you’re that way incline.

For the more restful among  you, you can always take it easy under a blanket somewhere with some tea (or something stronger) and a good book.


I spent 4 days at Troutbeck Lodge which looks EXACTLY the same as it did since before I was born. Seriously. The Old Girl has been maintained well but is in desperate need of an upgrade, whilst maintaining that “Scotland Highlands” vibe she is going for.

Like I believe they couldn’t go wrong with adding a Spa that specialises in sauna and hot stone treatments, as well as upgrading all the rooms (especially the bathrooms).


A more pampering and lush environment would be most welcoming, especially in a hotel that continually experiences weather that seduces the traveller to stay indoors and relax.

Another thing to note is that if you book your stay during the week, you are very likely to encounter large groups of individuals attending conferences there. The economy being what it is, I believe conferencing is what is keeping this establishment afloat. By the weekend the masses are gone, leaving you to play Lord or Lady of The Manor.


The highlight of my trip (you know, aside from the views and calming ambiance) was most definitely the food and the wonderful service.

Breakfast was very generous buffet, lunch and dinner were the a la carte menu. For dinner I would strongly recommend…everything (I may have tried everything), but if we had to pick favourites then the Trout Fillet (still on the bone) and Kariba Tilapia Fillets would be the way to go. Also a shout-out goes to their warm bread rolls *drools*.


I definitely won’t wait another 10 years to find myself back on this side of the country, maybe this time round I will try my hand at fishing, you never know 😉

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  1. You couldnt have done this place more justice than this.It should be a must visit for everyone who loves nature and traquility.I am glad Zim tourism is on rebound now.


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