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10 Books on my 2017 “Must Read!” list


I read a lot.
Any given week I will find myself engrossed in something enlightening, inspirational, entertaining, hilarious, heart-wrenching or just downright weird. I like weird and off-beat reads. A lot. (just no stories about Zombies, m’kay).

However, despite reading so voraciously and widely (in my opinion anyway), I still stick to very specific genres when left to my own devices – i.e. Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult , Fan Fiction & Romance *ahem*.

From the 40-odd books (and counting) I’ve lined up to get through, this year,  I thought I would share with you some of the ones I’m most excited to sink my teeth into…

1. “What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours” – Helen Oyeyemi

Words like “transcendent” and “pure, sensuous enjoyment” have been used to describe this collection of 9 short stories by Nigerian-born, British writer Helen Oyeyemi. The title alone had me thinking about the different ways in which she could interpret and apply that title. I’m definitely more than a little intrigued and excited to get started on this one.

dale-carnegie2. “How To Win Friends and Influence People” – Dale Carnegie

I want to read this literary “self-help” classic, originally published in 1936, mostly to see if the advice captured then still remains relevant now. Also because it was interestingly referenced in one of my favourite reads “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng (where it first piqued my interest) and also because I want to influence people *waggles eyebrows nefariously, lol”.

kings-cage-victoria-aveyard3. “King’s Cage” – Victoria Aveyard

How do I love me a Young Adult, dystopian novel? Let me count the ways! This third instalment of the “The Red Queen” series only debuts in February and I honestly can’t wait.

Set in a world where the population is made up of Reds – mere mortals with no impressive powers and Silvers – the entitled, privileged 1% who have nifty super powers. This series explores the consequences of realising life isn’t black or white…or in this instance, red or silver *dum dum daaaah*.

shonda-rhimes4. “The Year of Yes” – Shonda Rhimes

Hear ye, hear ye! Let the record state that I, Vimbai, have only NOT read this book because I refuse to read it electronically and am frantically looking for it in hard-back form. When I get my hands on, what I can only believe would be a literary smorgasbord of experience and personal insights, peace and happiness will reign supremely across the land. The End.

petina-gappah5. “Rotten Row” – Petina Gappah

Petina’s light shines brightest when she writes short stories! I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this, her third literary publication.

If it’s anything to rival her first book of short stories, “Elegy of Easterly” then I know I will not be disappointed and am in for a fast-paced series of Zimbabwean inspired stories that capture the rare balance of comedy, suffering & stoicism inherent within all her citizens. Bring it on!

sophia-amoruso6. “#GirlBoss” – Sophia Amoruso

I confess that this book has been in my possession for almost a year and I haven’t read it. Not from lack of interest, but because I’m quite rubbish at reading non-fiction. This book is a constant staple of many an Instagram flat lay depicting what an empowered, go-getting woman should be reading. I’m almost scared to start it, in case I discover that it doesn’t deliver on its own hype.

jade-chang7. “The Wangs vs. The World” – Jade Chang.

What happens when The American Dream evades you and you find out that the grass is not always greener on the other side? This book apparently provides the answer to this question for anyone in pursuit of The American Dream. Written from the perspective of first generation Asian-Americans finding their place and identity in The Land of The Brave, this sounds like a winner to me.

trevor-noah8. “Born A Crime” – Trevor Noah

As a formerly, devoted heart-struck fan of Trevor’s (read: “I knowsss him”), there is not one of his performances I haven’t watched, not to mention the many live performances of his I have attended. Now that I am a seasoned, normal fan (*ahem*) I am quite excited to read a detailed first-hand account of what and who shaped him most, growing up.

maria-semple9. “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” – Maria Semple

This book appeared on most of the 2016 “best reads” lists I perused, so it must be something. Then again, it could still be a dud (those lists have been known to lie). The plot-line for this story is so random and is narrated from the perspective of a 15 year old girl who is tasked with figuring out where her agoraphobic mother (Bernadette) has gone missing to. Hands up who’s in for for some light mystery shenanigans?

napolean-hill10. “Think and Grow Rich” – Napolean Hill

Another relic from 1937 (the author was actually encouraged by the other author of a self-development book I have on this list, to write this book – awwww, friends). It couldn’t hurt to find out what the insights are and hopefully apply some of these gems into my everyday life because I definitely want to do what the title says


Have you read of these and would you recommend any of them? And what’s sitting on your 2017 “Must Read” list, that you would recommend?

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

V x



  1. TsitsiM says

    I’ve read Rotten Row; you’ll love it! Year of Yes was also good for me. Inspired me to say Yes more than I said no in the last year. I’m currently reading Born A Crime and really enjoying it!


    • Okay you have sold me on all 3 books! I am particularly looking forward to reading Rotten Row, I am overdue a hearty chuckle this week.

      Feel free to throw some book recommendations my way, anytime 😉


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