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Reflections on routine or random occurrences in Life

The Law of Attraction, Spiders & Cats

“Charlo is dead. We had an issue about boundaries. I am not sorry.” This was the WhatsApp message I sent to someone 12,000km’s away from me to confess to them that the spider who had recently invaded my living space, was now dead. They say that what you are seeking, is also seeking you. I will take it a step further and say that which you are actively not seeking but spending a lot of time worrying and fearing, will eventually find you. How do I know? Because I literally just got ambushed from under my mosquito net by what looks like a rather vengeful cousin of Charlo’s. They’ve found me *gulp*

What A Time To Be Alive

It’s my birthday tomorrow *does the running man and nae-nae*. Now before I break out the bubbles and launch into full celebration mood, I would like to take a moment and look back on the past year. Like most 12 month calendar periods, it was a mixed bag filled with its fair share of epiphanies, tom-foolery, pure comedy and drama. Apparently a lot can happen in 365 days…

There’s An Art to Blooming

“I declare that I will bloom where I am planted” This is currently one of my favourite affirmations to recite and meditate upon first thing in the morning. It’s top of the list of the five mantras I recite before I get out of bed, shower, catch up on Whatsapp messages or feel the temptation to hit the snooze button. On days when I’m not feeling particularly psyched about what the day holds – the mornings are hard for me – I can recite this affirmation no less than ten times. Because, let’s face it, blooming is hard business when you aren’t in the mood.