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Saturday Seven #3

We’re six weeks into 2017 and the training wheels are officially off!

Mostly, I’m just glad that people have stopped chiming¬† “Compliments of the season” (or it’s more sinister abbreviation, “Compliments”) to me. It’s a useless, empty phrase that’s endemic to this southern part of the African continent¬† (read: JUST STOP SAYING IT ALREADY!!!).

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Book Review: “Sweetbitter” by Stephanie Danler

“What else am I doing?
I’m learning about food and wine
and terroir and how to pay attention.”

Every once in a while a book comes along that serves as a cautionary tale for overzealous readers, like myself. What is the warning?, you may ask. To remain wary of books that make it on all the popular lists, because once in a while all these media sites will be applauding what could only be described as an over-hyped dud.

I was promised a book that would blow my socks off, instead what I read was a book that left me with the feeling of trying badly fitting shoes. It was an uncomfortable experience.

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Sumptuous Lunch at “The Mustard Seed”

We’ve been experiencing incessant, and much needed rainfall, on this side of the world for going on a month now. The novelty of spending the weekend huddled up indoors, sipping on tea and binging on my favourite shows is beyond old.

I recently needed an excuse to leave the house and be bathed before 1:00pm on a Sunday, and lunch at The Mustard Seed provided that much needed (and very tasty) diversion.

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