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7 Ways to Keep Natural Hair Healthy This Winter

Comrades, As a Southern African dweller it is with the utmost regret that I inform you that winter is not only coming, but is in fact here. Unlike in cities like Harare, Lusaka and Maputo; where winter predominately happens between the hours of 6:00pm & 6:00am (and doesn’t involve anyone wearing coats), winter in my adopted city of Johannesburg is a more menacing beast that involves single digit temperatures, skin cracking levels  of dryness and sometimes snow *shudders*. What this means for us, my natural haired sisters? It means that should modify our hair regime and employ alternative strategies to our hair care, that I will share in this post. A luta continua, Major-General VimfromZim, Your Sister in the Natural Hair Trenches

6 Reasons Why I Love My Natural Hair

I just realised it has been 18 months since I took the plunge and went natural. That means I’ve been creamy-crack-free for two full human gestation periods, that’s insane! And like any recovering addict, there’s been many a time I’ve threatened to fall off the bandwagon and return to the creamy crack – usually during an “I’m not about this life” moment that happens at least every 3 months.