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The Local Tourist: Imire Game Park, Marondera.

Since I moved back home, a year ago, one of the big things I have wanted to do is see more of my coooooowntry. Most places I know from childhood and family memories, and there are some great “new” places I am hearing about…like Imire Game Park. I say it’s “new” because it really isn’t. At all. This place was founded in 1952 and has been hiding in plain sight from me all this time. For someone who has solemnly sworn many-a-time that safari’s and game drives grossly underwhelm me, Imire Game Park was a refreshing surprise….

Romanticising Colonial Rule? Psssh, in your Wildest Dreams!

A few days ago a good friend of mine posted an article onto my Facebook page that accused Taylor Swift of romanticising African colonial rule in her most recent music video, “Wildest Dreams”. Her video was set against the backdrop of a non-specified African country in the 1920’s era and whilst it featured some dubiously photo-shopped prominent members of the African wildlife family, the big outcry with the whole video (according to the article) was that it didn’t feature one African person in it. *gasps & clutches at my non-existent-pearl necklace*