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Saturday Seven #1

There’s nothing like having all hopes of sleeping in dashed by the steadily escalating temperatures outside. 26°C at 10:00am is no joke people, no joke. Concepts like home air-con units (or even double glazing) haven’t quite reached some of us, so instead I find myself up, faffing about and thought I’d share some random bits and bobs with you instead.

What A Time To Be Alive

It’s my birthday tomorrow *does the running man and nae-nae*. Now before I break out the bubbles and launch into full celebration mood, I would like to take a moment and look back on the past year. Like most 12 month calendar periods, it was a mixed bag filled with its fair share of epiphanies, tom-foolery, pure comedy and drama. Apparently a lot can happen in 365 days…

Mhoroi Gumiguru! | Hello October!

Gumiguru | (Shona word) October | Goo-me-goo-roo. What memories, activities or individuals does October remind you of? I know in the Northern parts of the world that this the time of the year you all wax lyrical about pumpkins, the onset of Fall and cute ways to wrap a scarf around your neck (my IG timeline can currently testify to that). Whereas, South of the Equator you’ll find that this month is a favourite for all sorts of (selfish) reasons *ahem*☺