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10 Shower-Approved 90’s Power Ballads To Belt Out To

I take my shower time very seriously. Not only is it the only thing that can really and truly wake me up first thing in the morning, but it’s also a secluded sanctuary of amazing acoustics for me to croon to my hearts content. Listen, I’m not giving up on my dream to suddenly wake up with a 9 octave vocal range and be performing sold out concerts to fans across the world, any time soon – “Thanks for having me, Japan! I love you too!” So as a precursor to weekend foolery, I wanted to share with you 10 of my go-to power ballads from the 90’s, guaranteed to make you feel like a bona fide superstar during shower hour…

10 Infectious Songs to kick-start Summer 2015

I get it, summer has barely got her one hip through the door on this side of the world and I’m already forecasting the strongest musical players for the next 7 months. Eager much? When it comes to music and my propensity to create playlists for anything, I would have to respond with a cool and emphatic, “Yes.  Very.” There’s no doubt that many more strong song contenders for this list will make themselves known in the months to come. For now, however, these are the 10 tracks that I believe should be staples in your upbeat music selection as we kick-start summer down here…

The Great Equaliser

Picture the scene: My colleague and I are going to be stuck in the same car for 30 minutes, whilst we make our way to a prospective client. We have never managed more than 5 minutes small-talk between the two of us and now we have 25 additional minutes of awkward silence to fill. *sigh*