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A Rookie’s Initiation to Natural Hair

When I decided to go natural back in 2012 it was because I was done charring my scalp to smitherins by applying relaxers to straighten my hair every 6 – 8 weeks. I hated visits to the hair salon because those visits usually ended in pain…lots of it. Now I know first-hand that the internet is littered with a gazillion articles and videos on how to look after your natural hair. However, my natural hair posts on this here blog, going forward, will chronicle my personal experience and what worked for me on this  journey – I repeat, what worked for me.

6 Reasons Why I Love My Natural Hair

I just realised it has been 18 months since I took the plunge and went natural. That means I’ve been creamy-crack-free for two full human gestation periods, that’s insane! And like any recovering addict, there’s been many a time I’ve threatened to fall off the bandwagon and return to the creamy crack – usually during an “I’m not about this life” moment that happens at least every 3 months.