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Are You Living Your Strengths?

You know how you know the devil is liar? When he has your GPS send you to 3 different, very out of the way locations and has you running 45 minutes late in the hopes that you will head back home and miss the truth bombs being dropped at book club. Luckily I’m made of tenacious stuff…and large chunks of FOMO, so I eventually found my way to where I was “post to be” and it was a goodie.

Say No To Crumbs!

Imagine you’re sitting in your favourite cafe and you spot the most delicious cake on display and it looks quite spectacular. You call your waiter over and place an order for a generous slice and sit in gleeful anticipation. Now just imagine your waiter comes over with a large plate, embossed with the most beautifully intricate design, and sitting in the middle of this plate areĀ 5 crumbs. Yes. Crumbs.

Don’t Applaud Mediocrity

The title of this blog post has been swimming around in my head for the better part of the past 3 weeks. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put down what I’m thinking without coming across as a ranting “Tiger mum“. Cue this very moment where I’ve a. Spent a weekend listening to a lot of Childish Gambino and b. Spent a weekend confined to my bed recovering from some flu-hay fever-sinus-infection hybrid that has got me all sorts of stroppy, and what you’ve got is the perfect recipe for a ranting kind of post in the very Tiger mum tone I was trying so hard to avoid in the first place. Ah well *shrugs*.