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The Local Tourist: Imire Game Park, Marondera.

Since I moved back home, a year ago, one of the big things I have wanted to do is see more of my coooooowntry. Most places I know from childhood and family memories, and there are some great “new” places I am hearing about…like Imire Game Park. I say it’s “new” because it really isn’t. At all. This place was founded in 1952 and has been hiding in plain sight from me all this time. For someone who has solemnly sworn many-a-time that safari’s and game drives grossly underwhelm me, Imire Game Park was a refreshing surprise….

Saturday Seven #1

There’s nothing like having all hopes of sleeping in dashed by the steadily escalating temperatures outside. 26°C at 10:00am is no joke people, no joke. Concepts like home air-con units (or even double glazing) haven’t quite reached some of us, so instead I find myself up, faffing about and thought I’d share some random bits and bobs with you instead.

Valentine’s Lunch at PS Cafe & Pizzeria

I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, yes despite it’s deep roots in capitalism and commercialism (blah blah *eye-roll*). The Mills & Boon part of me, that refuses to die, will celebrate this day any way I can and this year’s Valentine’s Day was spent at Pariah State’s latest baby, PS Cafe & Pizzeria in Belgravia.