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Valentine’s Lunch at PS Cafe & Pizzeria

1. Valentines - Menu - VimfromZim - S

I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, yes despite it’s deep roots in capitalism and commercialism (blah blah *eye-roll*). The Mills & Boon part of me, that refuses to die, will celebrate this day any way I can and this year’s Valentine’s Day was spent at Pariah State’s latest baby, PS Cafe & Pizzeria in Belgravia.

This year’s Valentine’s was more a Galentines and when it came to suggesting where to go, my girl E was on the case with many options.

Now I am very familiar with the Pariah State bar franchise (the one in Borrowdale being my local, of sorts). But I was pleasantly surprised to discover they had opened a 3rd establishment which was less bhawa-bhawa and more “let’s spoil our palettes with some mouth watering delights”.

Here are some pics from my late Sunday afternoon:

2. Valentines - My Dates - VimfromZim - R

I’m going to caption this “Love in a time of Sister Wives”
or “Vasikana veValentines”. Either one works. 

3. Valentines - Entrees - S

This entree platter was SO tasty,
especially the Gnocchi and its Four Cheeses sauce. Yum.

4. Valentines - The Pizzaria - VimfromZim - R

My bad for the out-of-focus picture, but I wanted you guys 
to get an idea of how snazzy the inside looks.

5. Valentines - Wink - VimfromZim - S

Me doing my best “come hither” look, whilst posing with my rose. 
 Every female patron was gifted with a rose by the establishment.
10 points for Gryffindor!

6. Valentines - Steak - VimfromZim - R

Yes, I’m that annoying friend who won’t let you eat your food
till I’ve taken a picture. Sue me.

7. Valentines - Mussels - VimfromZim - S

*sings* “Under the sea, under the sea”. Sadly, P had a lovely time chowing Sebastian’s tasty underwater homies. May they rest in peace…in her belly.

8. Valentines - Salmon - VimfromZim - R

My salmon made me very happy too. Especially with those 
delightful new potatoes in the mix.

9. Valentines - Dessert - VimfromZim - S

We all had to take a 15  minute break after our mains, 
just to mentally prepare ourselves for dessert. It was so worth it.

10. Valentines - Panna Cotta - VimfromZim - R

The day I do not order dessert is the day you need to back away from
me slowly, and notify the authorities that my body has been taken over
by inconsiderate and absurd alien life.

Overall: The restaurant was rather quiet with the late lunch crowd, then again it was a Sunday afternoon and generally speaking nothing is usually open past 2:00pm in this city of mine.

The waitering staff where very attentive, the food was super fresh and delicious, and I was happy to learn about another eating spot I hadn’t been too

So check it out, if you haven’t already done so and let me know how you found it.

V x

Shop 1
Shamwari Gallery
Corner Maasdorp & Sam Nujoma Street

Contact Numbers:
+263 4 251 399 or +263 73 343 6191

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  1. Munhu says

    great to see that Pariah is working to fight the juggernaut that is the Chicken Slice (still waiting my turn to strangle whoever can show me a slice of chicken!!) and Chicken Hotel sorry Inn crew and their plethora of variants… kudos to BZ and his pals …I will be making my way over there the next time I am in the Sunshine City


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