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I’ve been struggling to blog about anything, these past couple of weeks, because I felt as I had already mentioned I was grieving (in a previous post), that my self-imposed “window period” for bringing it back up had expired and now the onus was on me to return to “regular programming” upbeat writing.

Except I couldn’t.

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10 Books on my 2017 “Must Read!” list


I read a lot.
Any given week I will find myself engrossed in something enlightening, inspirational, entertaining, hilarious, heart-wrenching or just downright weird. I like weird and off-beat reads. A lot. (just no stories about Zombies, m’kay).

However, despite reading so voraciously and widely (in my opinion anyway), I still stick to very specific genres when left to my own devices – i.e. Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult , Fan Fiction & Romance *ahem*.

From the 40-odd books (and counting) I’ve lined up to get through, this year,  I thought I would share with you some of the ones I’m most excited to sink my teeth into…

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