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Only An Alien Invasion Will Eliminate Racism.

During my short-ish stint on this here Earth it has not escaped my notice that us Human Beings have the uncanny ability to self-sabotage and cancel out all our rather more impressive moments and achievements, with our basic and simple minded behaviourial traits and actions. Racism, by far, is the worst and most heinous behaviourial trait and quality to be found and fostered within the human race (well as far as I’m concerned anyway). That’s why I’m hoping the aliens get here sooner, rather than later. Yeah, I said it.

Book Review: “The Book of Night Women” by Marlon James

“Any niggerwoman can become a black woman in secret. This is why we dark, cause in the night we disappear and become spirit. Skin gone and we become whatever we wish. We become who we be.” I first came upon this book about two years ago, whilst browsing second-hand bookstores with a friend. I must have been in a very good space back when I first read it because despite parts of the book standing out (read: scarring me) I remember it being quite explicit but not overtly traumatising. Fast-forward to present day when this book came up as my book club’s selection and I re-read it to refresh my memory. I was unprepared for the strong feelings of anger, hurt and disappointment that welled up inside of me for a book I was reading again. Let’s just say that this book definitely won’t leave you with the warm and fuzzies.