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Why I Love Courageous Conversations

Last night I got a call from a good friend of mine whom I hadn’t heard from in a bit. It was a super quick call  (less than 2 minutes long) but she wanted me to know she’d be in touch (properly) soon. Most of the conversation was her talking and me laughing loudly over her talking, because she knew me well enough to know that I was sulking at her non-communication. This call was a testament to how great a friend she is. You see, she knew she didn’t have to reach out but she did it anyway because she knew I’d appreciate it. It’s only when I hung up that I realized that if we hadn’t had a Courageous Conversation, this time last year, we probably wouldn’t still be friends today…

When Something’s Got To Give

It’s been exactly 9 days since I celebrated my annual trip around the sun. I must say, this has been one of my easiest birthdays. You may now be diving to the conclusion that I loathe birthdays from a “growing old” perspective, but you would be very wrong in this regard. I wear my age like a badge of honour, after all, life constantly reminds me of those who never made it this far.