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Saturday Seven #3

We’re six weeks into 2017 and the training wheels are officially off! Mostly, I’m just glad that people have stopped chiming  “Compliments of the season” (or it’s more sinister abbreviation, “Compliments”) to me. It’s a useless, empty phrase that’s endemic to this southern part of the African continent  (read: JUST STOP SAYING IT ALREADY!!!).

Saturday Seven #2

I don’t know about you, but this time of the year leaves me bone tired and weary. November is the month where I find myself rushing to get everything done because, let’s be honest now, December can be a bit of a write-off productivity wise – silly season, anyone? Despite the incessant go-go-go vibe and soaring temperatures, let me share a few things that have kept me sane or inadvertently entertained me this week:

36 Questions To Fall In Love: #5

Every once in a while I take it upon myself to answer one of psychologist Arthur Aron’s “36 Questions To Fall In Love“. Not only are some of his questions quite entertaining and deeply revealing, but apparently they are also likely to increase your chances of making a love connection if you use them on a first date (don’t say I never helped y’all out). Now this isn’t a date like scenario…but if you light up some candles, spritz some cologne/perfume and put on some pretty music while you read this, you never know 😉