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Saturday Seven #2


I don’t know about you, but this time of the year leaves me bone tired and weary. November is the month where I find myself rushing to get everything done because, let’s be honest now, December can be a bit of a write-off productivity wise – silly season, anyone?

Despite the incessant go-go-go vibe and soaring temperatures, let me share a few things that have kept me sane or inadvertently entertained me this week:

1. This cute, hilarious video doing the rounds.

I’m not fooled by the older twin’s faux commiseration whilst Mummy is filming, ha ha ha. I have sisters, I know EXACTLY what’s going on over here – the older twin is inwardly rejoicing over this newfound piece of information and will laud it over the younger twin for the rest of her days.

This cruel, cruel world šŸ™‚

2. Fun Fact: I have eaten more ice-cream this week than I have in the past 2 yearsĀ combined :-/

Another Fun Fact: Don’t have 2 tubs of icecream hanging out in your freezer, just nje, during a heat-wave AND stressful work week. Bad move.

Last Fun Fact: Throw it out. All of it. Don’t look back, your waist-line will thank you #FactsOnly.

3. When doing work I can’t listen to anything with lyrics but need non-invasive, background instrumental acommpaniment to usher me through “The Valley of Never-Ending Deliverables”. This is my go-to playlist.

It’s super relaxing and gives me ama-spa-living-whilst-getting-a-Swedish-massage type vibes.

4. The #SaxonwoldShebeen hashtag on Twitter.

If you follow South African politics, then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, still head over and it will come together. One day I will create a coffee table book called, “Memes in a Time of Political Maratas” because that sums up the tomfoolery of world governance & poltics, in 2016.

5. Stumbling across this beautifully written piece of poetry that reminds you to take it easy and just “be”.

My favourite lines are,

“Let everything happpen to you: beauty & terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

6. Sleep. At least 7 hours of the stuff that doesn’t involve any high-action, lucid dreams.

7. Oh and when all else fails, binge watch a couple episodes of MasterChef Australia.

I normally loathe cooking shows (something about not being able to sampleĀ all the deliciousness that’s produced) but this shows embodies what reality TV should truly be about: talented individuals, positive vibes and beautiful creativity.Ā 

Feel free to share what helped get you through this past week!

Happy Saturday,

V x

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