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Saturday Seven #2


I don’t know about you, but this time of the year leaves me bone tired and weary. November is the month where I find myself rushing to get everything done because, let’s be honest now, December can be a bit of a write-off productivity wise – silly season, anyone?

Despite the incessant go-go-go vibe and soaring temperatures, let me share a few things that have kept me sane or inadvertently entertained me this week:

1. This cute, hilarious video doing the rounds.

I’m not fooled by the older twin’s faux commiseration whilst Mummy is filming, ha ha ha. I have sisters, I know EXACTLY what’s going on over here – the older twin is inwardly rejoicing over this newfound piece of information and will laud it over the younger twin for the rest of her days.

This cruel, cruel world 🙂

2. Fun Fact: I have eaten more ice-cream this week than I have in the past 2 years combined :-/

Another Fun Fact: Don’t have 2 tubs of icecream hanging out in your freezer, just nje, during a heat-wave AND stressful work week. Bad move.

Last Fun Fact: Throw it out. All of it. Don’t look back, your waist-line will thank you #FactsOnly.

3. When doing work I can’t listen to anything with lyrics but need non-invasive, background instrumental acommpaniment to usher me through “The Valley of Never-Ending Deliverables”. This is my go-to playlist.

It’s super relaxing and gives me ama-spa-living-whilst-getting-a-Swedish-massage type vibes.

4. The #SaxonwoldShebeen hashtag on Twitter.

If you follow South African politics, then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, still head over and it will come together. One day I will create a coffee table book called, “Memes in a Time of Political Maratas” because that sums up the tomfoolery of world governance & poltics, in 2016.

5. Stumbling across this beautifully written piece of poetry that reminds you to take it easy and just “be”.

My favourite lines are,

“Let everything happpen to you: beauty & terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final.”

6. Sleep. At least 7 hours of the stuff that doesn’t involve any high-action, lucid dreams.

7. Oh and when all else fails, binge watch a couple episodes of MasterChef Australia.

I normally loathe cooking shows (something about not being able to sample all the deliciousness that’s produced) but this shows embodies what reality TV should truly be about: talented individuals, positive vibes and beautiful creativity. 

Feel free to share what helped get you through this past week!

Happy Saturday,

V x

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