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ICYMI: The Cheetahs vs. The Bulls

Let me start this post off by openly declaring that two hours before this game kicked off, this past Saturday, I was thoroughly convinced I was about to watch The Sharks play against The Bulls *shrugs*. “Why was I in attendance at all?” you may ask, well mostly because I was “informed” (read: ordered, with no room for negotiation) that I would be there by friends and in part because FOMO is real and watching any sport live is lots more fun than catching it on the telly. So in case you missed it (ICYMI), read on for more information about my sporty day out.

The Scourge of Xenophobia

I’ve been trying, for a week, to write about the recent senseless, inhumane attacks and murders of black African, non-South Africans living in South Africa. It’s been beyond difficult. It’s not so much that words fail me completely…no, words are there. They’re just not the kind of words I have been looking for…

The matter of Cecil John Rhodes falling

There’s been a lot of debate and general noise involving my alma mater, the University of Cape Town (UCT), over the past two weeks concerning whether a statue of Cecil John Rhodes should remain in prominent view (despite his pillaging, plundering past as a coloniser) or whether it should be taken down to acknowledge the error of his legacy.