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ICYMI: The Cheetahs vs. The Bulls

0. VimfromZim - Rugby Spotting

Let me start this post off by openly declaring that two hours before this game kicked off, this past Saturday, I was thoroughly convinced I was about to watch The Sharks play against The Bulls *shrugs*.

“Why was I in attendance at all?” you may ask, well mostly because I was “informed” (read: ordered, with no room for negotiation) that I would be there by friends and in part because FOMO is real and watching any sport live is lots more fun than catching it on the telly.

So in case you missed it (ICYMI), read on for more information about my sporty day out.

Last Saturday was an exciting afternoon during which I got to drink my first Savannah in about a decade (urggh), finish all my biltong waaaaay before the game even started, had my cute twist-out ruined by the mid-game rain and got schooled in the actual game dynamics between the two teams, by a Rugby enthusiast friend (very handy information was shared, like “It’s called cauliflower ears not cabbage ears, Vimbai”….yah, lol).

So what if it took a while to sort through the confusion of the Cheetahs wearing blue kit and the Bulls wearing red & black kit! So what if I still don’t know what the final score was that lead the Cheetahs to victory!

It’s enough that I got to visit the National Sports Stadium for the first time ever (*woop woop*), spent the afternoon in the company of good friends and intentionally used ballet terminology to describe rugby moves (hehe).

Here are some pics from Saturday:

1. VimfromZim - Walking Into The StadiumMy vertigo-prone self was not impressed by this view.

2. VimfromZim - Selfie TimeIt’s always selfie time.

3. VimfromZim - National Sports Stadium PitchOpening act: Prince Edward vs. Churchill (The latter won)

4. VimfromZim - The GentsThe calm before the storm.

5. VimfromZim - Pretty CloudsThe actual storm brewing.

6. VimfromZim - The Ladies and Their SavannahsI am smiling, but honestly, why did I drink so much of this back in uni? 

7. VimfromZim - Stadium ViewsBeautiful views of Harare skyline from outside the stadium.

Where you there? Did you catch the game? Are you a Bulls or Cheetah supporter? Drop by in the comments and say hi 🙂

Have a good one, chickens.


*All Images used are the property of VimfromZim.


    • It was a very fun day, despite my prior reservations, lol. I no longer get surprised by the connections in this ever-shrinking world of ours. Thanks for stopping by ☺


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