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5 Indisputable Ways To Know You’re Experiencing a Zimbabwean Summer

I am writing this with every window in the room I’m currently occupying open, a glass of juice to my left (with fast disappearing ice-cubes swimming about on the surface) and a thin film of perspiration taking up residence across my entire body. In short, it’s hot! And with great heat comes great responsibility…and climatic cliches. To the uninitiated (or the initiated in need of a refresher – pun not intended, but still hilarious) this is a quick guide as to how you know you’re deep in the stronghold of a Zimbabwean Summer.

Mhoroi Gumiguru! | Hello October!

Gumiguru | (Shona word) October | Goo-me-goo-roo. What memories, activities or individuals does October remind you of? I know in the Northern parts of the world that this the time of the year you all wax lyrical about pumpkins, the onset of Fall and cute ways to wrap a scarf around your neck (my IG timeline can currently testify to that). Whereas, South of the Equator you’ll find that this month is a favourite for all sorts of (selfish) reasons *ahem*☺

Mhoroi Gunyana! | Hello September!

Gunyana | (Shona word) September | Goo-nya-nah. My inner summer baby is doing back-flips and handstands in joy because September officially heralds the return of the sun, here in the southern hemisphere. In the same breath, it is also is an unwelcome reminder that there are only 4 months left in the year *gulp*. In the spirit of being more intentional with my time, I recently found myself not only reflecting on all the goals and activities I would like to achieve over the next 30 days, but also musing about what September represents to me. So if you’ve got time to spare between your busy meetings or whilst travelling back home from work (really depends in which timezone you reside), have a read through what the 9th month of the year represents to me.