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Mhoroi Gunyana! | Hello September!

Gunyana - September - VimfromZim

Gunyana | (Shona word) September | Goo-nya-nah.

My inner summer baby is doing back-flips and handstands in joy because September officially heralds the return of the sun, here in the southern hemisphere. In the same breath, it is also is an unwelcome reminder that there are only 4 months left in the year *gulp*.

In the spirit of being more intentional with my time, I recently found myself not only reflecting on all the goals and activities I would like to achieve over the next 30 days, but also musing about what September represents to me.

So if you’ve got time to spare between your busy meetings or whilst travelling back home from work (really depends in which timezone you reside), have a read through what the 9th month of the year represents to me.

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1. This is the month when the Type A personalities in my life create strategies to tackle their remaining 2015 goals from their New Years’ Resolutions, in the final 4 months of the year. So many over-achievers in my life, lol.

Manje, the rest of us mere mortals will gnash our teeth in alarm, have a kadenza/meltdown and do what we can *shrug*.

2. At my childhood home we used to have these two massive trees by the driveway that would produce these lime green balls, which was always my sign that Summer was upon us…I say Summer because I’m pretty sure Spring doesn’t actually exist in this part of the world (story for another day).

Sadly, the downside to this time of the year when flowering plants “get it on” is how up-close-&-personal I get with my anti-histamines due to their ever present orgy spores in the air *sneeze*.

3. Many cool people that I know and love were born in this month: notably my high school best friend, varsity crush and Beyonce (of course), lol.

4. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve already started devising ways to resume long-forgotten exercise regimes in anticipation of the upcoming bathing suit opportunities  unforgiving barely-there summer outfits.

I was on a 25 minute call the other day thrashing out the finer points of my “Get Fit. Look Snatched” workout plan with my fitness accountability partner, N. Tjo, we were so serious it was quite hilarious.

5. I can start watching the weather segments on global news channels with unfettered glee again, because temps in the Northern Hemisphere will slowly start dipping and our temps will consistently be above the legal drinking age in the United States.

Yes, you can call me Petty McPettison.

6. Follicle deforestation of the calf, shin and thigh region is resumed, in earnest. Goodbye stockings!

7. Stories of “winter warmers” being given their marching orders are rife at this time of the year (read: People will be out here ghosting on each other like Casper, lol).

8. The countdown period before my birthday month arrives…I’m just saying *ahem*.

9. I find myself committing a lot of time to creating epic musical playlists   titled ” 2015 summer anthems” and “This is my choooon!” for impromptu sun-downers, braais’, christenings, poolside gatherings and all general life events that may need melodic accompaniment. I am prepared.

10. September kicks off the final, third term for Zimbabwean primary schools and high schools. It was by far my favourite term of the whole school calendar because although it may have involved exams, it was also the time of year I spent a lot of time lolling on grass with friends during study breaks, working on my sock tan and laughing about something. Good times.

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I would love to hear what thoughts, feelings and memories this month conjures up for you, so drop me a line in the comments section below.

V x

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