Book Review: “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You

“Lydia is dead.
But they don’t know this yet.”

These are the two opening lines of Celeste Ng’s novel, “Everything I Never Told” that won the Amazon book of the year in 2014.

My first reaction was, “Geez, how can someone be dead already?”
My second reaction was, “Who the heck is Lydia?”
My third reaction was, “Will my book club ever pick a non-depressing book *sigh*?”

297 pages later I had most of the answers to the questions I sought…well, with the exception of the my book-club’s fondness for pensive and dark story-lines.

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7 Ways to Keep Natural Hair Healthy This Winter


As a Southern African dweller it is with the utmost regret that I inform you that winter is not only coming, but is in fact here.

Unlike in cities like Harare, Lusaka and Maputo; where winter predominately happens between the hours of 6:00pm & 6:00am (and doesn’t involve anyone wearing coats), winter in my adopted city of Johannesburg is a more menacing beast that involves single digit temperatures, skin cracking levels  of dryness and sometimes snow *shudders*.

What this means for us, my natural haired sisters? It means that should modify our hair regime and employ alternative strategies to our hair care, that I will share in this post.

A luta continua,

Major-General VimfromZim, Your Sister in the Natural Hair Trenches

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It’s Africa Day. Meh.

Africa Day

It’s pretty telling that on researching the theme for today’s Africa Day, I came up with nada. It seems nobody was bovvered this year (or last year either, for that matter).  Go figure.  I’ve decided to take some creative liberties and come up with a theme of my own for Africa Day this year, *drum roll please* and the winner is, “Do Better!

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