The Scourge of Xenophobia


I’ve been trying, for a week, to write about the recent senseless, inhumane attacks and murders of black African, non-South Africans living in South Africa. It’s been beyond difficult. It’s not so much that words fail me completely…no, words are there. They’re just not the kind of words I have been looking for…

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8 Android Apps I Use On Heavy Rotation


Once upon a time, a long while ago I remember being very reluctant to trade in my Blackberry and make the move to the Android way of life – yes, back then I was a glutton for punishment. I had friends yelling at me to make the move already, not to mention my own father had taken to openly shaming me on my on-going abusive relationship with my super unreliable Bloodyberry.

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The Wash Day Arsenal for Natural Haired Beauties

WashDay - TallnCurly


The mission you are about to undertake is not for the faint of heart. Those natural haired veterans who transitioned and joined this natural haired platoon long before you will reiterate that this aspect of your hair journey will, at the best of times, fill you with cold dread and have you losing hope in all that is good in this world. However, should you persevere and be patient over time you will acquire a patience and dexterity you did not know you possessed when it comes to washing your natural hair.

A luta continua,

Major-General VimfromZim, Your Sister in The Natural Hair Trenches

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