Romanticising Colonial Rule? Psssh, in your Wildest Dreams!

Cultural Appropriation - VimfromZim

A few days ago a good friend of mine posted an article onto my Facebook page that accused Taylor Swift of romanticising African colonial rule in her most recent music video, “Wildest Dreams”.

Her video was set against the backdrop of a non-specified African country in the 1920’s era and whilst it featured some dubiously photo-shopped prominent members of the African wildlife family, the big outcry with the whole video (according to the article) was that it didn’t feature one African person in it.

*gasps & clutches at my non-existent-pearl necklace*

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Mhoroi Gunyana! | Hello September!

Gunyana - September - VimfromZim

Gunyana | (Shona word) September | Goo-nya-nah.

My inner summer baby is doing back-flips and handstands in joy because September officially heralds the return of the sun, here in the southern hemisphere. In the same breath, it is also is an unwelcome reminder that there are only 4 months left in the year *gulp*.

In the spirit of being more intentional with my time, I recently found myself not only reflecting on all the goals and activities I would like to achieve over the next 30 days, but also musing about what September represents to me.

So if you’ve got time to spare between your busy meetings or whilst travelling back home from work (really depends in which timezone you reside), have a read through what the 9th month of the year represents to me.

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Book Review: “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You

“Lydia is dead.
But they don’t know this yet.”

These are the two opening lines of Celeste Ng’s novel, “Everything I Never Told” that won the Amazon book of the year in 2014.

My first reaction was, “Geez, how can someone be dead already?”
My second reaction was, “Who the heck is Lydia?”
My third reaction was, “Will my book club ever pick a non-depressing book *sigh*?”

297 pages later I had most of the answers to the questions I sought…well, with the exception of the my book-club’s fondness for pensive and dark story-lines.

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