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Sumptuous Lunch at “The Mustard Seed”

We’ve been experiencing incessant, and much needed rainfall, on this side of the world for going on a month now. The novelty of spending the weekend huddled up indoors, sipping on tea and binging on my favourite shows is beyond old.

I recently needed an excuse to leave the house and be bathed before 1:00pm on a Sunday, and lunch at The Mustard Seed provided that much needed (and very tasty) diversion.

The Mustard Seed was recommended to me, by a friend, about two weeks ago. However, even before I had physically landed at their premises, they were already in my good books because:

  • They’re open on Sundays  – most places are closed on Sundays, so this was refreshing.
  • They respond to queries on their Facebook page in record time! It’s the small things that leave a lasting impression.

So on an overcast, drizzly Sunday afternoon I got to spend 2.5 hours catching up with a good friend over the tastiest meal.

An obligatory selfie of sorts, to kick us off.

vimfromzim-the-mustard-seed-2The outside balcony that set the stage for my indoctrination into
The Mustard Seed hall of fame (which I may have just made up)

vimfromzim-the-mustard-seed-3My delicious Lamb Chops with a cranberry jus and the crunchiest sides *yum*

vimfromzim-the-mustard-seed-4Views whilst inhaling my lunch.

vimfromzim-the-mustard-seed-5Y’s Peppercorn Steak and picture-perfect sides.

VimfromZim - The Mustard Seed - 6.jpgThey can definitely expect me back, some time very soon.

Special shout-out goes to our waiter Ryan, who was ever the gentlemen and entertained my corny sense of humour with such grace, lol. Bless him.


Address:    27 Ridgeway South, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Monday – Saturday: 8:30 – 21:00
Sunday: 8:30 – 15:00
Contact:      +263 4 498 139

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