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36 Questions to Fall In Love: #12


Okay chickens, I’m kicking off this week by answering another one of psychologist Arthur Aron’s “36 Questions To Fall In Love“.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought it would be fun to answer some of the questions on this here blog because:

i. I honestly didn’t have any answers for most of them, when I first went through the list;
ii. Who knows, Arthur Aron could be onto something and we’re already half way to falling in love right now *flutters eyelashes*; and
iii. I really want to hear YOUR answers to these questions so tell me, tell me, tell me by dropping me a line in the comment section.

Pssst: Full list of questions can be found here.

Arrow Blog DividerQuestion 12: If you could wake-up tomorrow having gained only one quality or ability, what would it be?

Only one? This question would have been far more fun if we got to choose five qualities or abilities *kanye shrug*

Just as well I’m not answering this question on an actual date (as these answers are meant to be answered on), otherwise I would feel the strong inclination to lie, lol. This is only because the one quality or ability I would want to have gained is extremely self-serving…and kind of geeky.

I would very much want to be able to teleport at a moment’s instance and be able to take whatever or whomever I’m holding onto with me to my destination of choice.


By the way: “No, teleporting and time travelling are not the same thing.”

Listen, teleporting would mean I’d never have to get on another plane again (and all the nervous fliers out there said in chorus, “Alleluia! Amen!”) and even better, if I did get on a plane and said plane was about to meet its end I could teleport out of there in a jiffy (and take whomever I was sitting next to along with me too, of course). Teleporting would save me a whole lot of moolay on ridiculously priced air tickets, solve that whole “getting a travel visa” debacle and allow me to take with me or bring back ALL the excess luggage I wanted.

As you can see, I’ve given this MUCH thought, lol.

I would also get to go home to Harare whenever I wanted (well timed dinner visits anyone?}, visit friends and family all over the world and escape dull and miserable weather days by perching myself on a beach in Hawaii or somewhere as sunny and picturesque.

Brunch in Paris, anyone?
Why not?
Afternoon cuddles in Harare with my baby nephew?
Yes please!
Sundowners perched on a pyramid in Egypt?
No problem.

And just when I thought my awesome ability could not be redeemed I just figured out a philanthropic element to it, after all *phew* Rescuing people from burning buildings or getting supplies to people in isolated areas would be a cinch. It would also require me donning some sort of super hero get-up to protect my identity…and that’s probably a whole other discussion for another day.

Okay, over to you now chickens..

What ability or quality would you chickens want to wake with?

V x

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  1. It’s a tough question but after assessing all the super hero abilities available I think I would like to wake up with Flash like capabilities. Do everything and anything fast when or if I want to. 😀


  2. Haha – I love this question, there’s so much but where do I start. If I had to choose one, I think it would have to be invisibility – I would be able to travel the world unnoticed and not to mention it would do wonders for my stalkerish ways 😉

    Brunch in Paris Vimbi on Sunday?


    • Invisibility! Man, I’m already scared because you see and know far too much as it is 😅
      PS Brunch in Fonty could also be a plan this Sunday 😉


  3. I’d say i)the ability to heal broken souls and mend the broken hearted..imagine how many people I’d save yo in my emerald green stilettos (those would be signature look to show I’d passed by).
    ii)the ability to shop without having any impact on my bank account
    iii)the invisible super power because then I can just be eavesdropping into convos and ya know..for creative purposes haha


    • 1. I love the signature green pumps…and we’d finally have an answer to Whitney’s song “Where do broken hearts go? “.
      2. This super power speaks to me.
      3. Creative purposes huh 👀


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