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8 Android Apps I Use On Heavy Rotation


Once upon a time, a long while ago I remember being very reluctant to trade in my Blackberry and make the move to the Android way of life – yes, back then I was a glutton for punishment. I had friends yelling at me to make the move already, not to mention my own father had taken to openly shaming me on my on-going abusive relationship with my super unreliable Bloodyberry.

Truth be told, back then I only made the switch to Android to avoid a not-so-secret, impending intervention session.

Fast-forward a year and a bit later of Android-bliss and here’s my quick ode to the 8 Android apps I use the most:

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  1. WhatsApp

I am the member of eight WhatsApp groups (and counting), half of which are fairly active and provide me with my daily dose of chuckles. This app keeps me in touch with loved ones in such a way that it makes distance and time zones irrelevant. Warning: It is as highly distracting as it is useful.

How they could improve this app: Remove the “blue ticks” functionality and FINALLY make a HUG emoji. I am tired of using the frog emoji to represent my hugs…not everyone gets it.

  1. Instagram

Rolling over first thing in the morning to check my IG feed is an urge I fight every single morning. A visual smorgasbord of beautiful places/people/fashion/photography/art/landscapes/food/dogs (depending on the accounts you follow), it’s a must for those of you seeking a muse, inspiration or images to pep up your day.

How they could improve this app: Create the capability to download all the pictures that people post on IG, improve the paragraph spacing capability in the caption section (it sucks in Android) and place the “Posts You Liked” button somewhere a little more intuitive and accessible.

  1. Uber

Since last year October I’ve taken no less than 60 Uber trips. Yes, I am a big fan. Not only is there always an Uber conveniently nearby, but the drivers always have the most hilarious conversations with me – one driver once tried to convince me to consider polygamy and another driver unleashed the most awesome President Zuma conspiracy theory I have ever heard. Good times.

How they could improve this app: Remove surge pricing and explain what each star on the 5 star trip rating system means so riders/clients can rate a driver accordingly. For example, what would be considered a 1 star trip compared to a 3 star trip or 5 star trip?

  1. Holy Bible

The best part about this app are the gazillion reading plans offered for you to learn more about a specific book in The Bible or expand your knowledge on a varying host of topics like Faith, Parenting, Marriage, Infidelity, Financial Fitness or Loss (but to name a few).

How they could improve this app:  Explicitly outline the difference between the highlight functionality and bookmarking functionality – they seem to do the same thing.

  1. Pinterest

Another visual delight of an app this one helps you create your own online vision boards based on whatever theme or topic you fancy. Whether it’s recipes you want to collect, pictures of Idris Elba from every angle or your collection of favourite cars, this is the place to indulge in all your interests.

How they could improve this app: Offer an in-app analytical breakdown of personal pins repined, boards most followed and followers gained over a period of time.

  1. MyFitnessPal

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been on the quest to lose 8 kg’s and this app is nifty in helping me keep track of how many calories I’m consuming or whether I have met my exercise goals for the week. I’ve been using  it for about 2 months now and have lost 3kg’s so far, so that’s something.

How they could improve this app: Get it to yell at me when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to work out, lol.

  1. Period Tracker

The ladies will appreciate this app. Bottom line it helps you keep track of your cycles and predict your next cycle. It is pretty helpful especially for those with inconsistent cycles, as well as those getting off birth control and/or wanting to make some babies.

How they could improve this app: Should allow you the option to enter the contact details of necessary parties that it need to give a heads up of when you are either ovulating or on your period.

  1. Buzzfeed

Need to get clued up on all things Pop Culture related or are you itching to do a quiz to find out what your Inner Pizza is or 31 Things You Should Never Say Out Loud…then Buzzfeed is the mecca for all your procrastination needs.

How they could improve this app: They really can’t. Bring on the random quizzes!

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What apps do you use on heavy rotation? Did any of your favourites make my list?

Give me a shout in the comments,

V x

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