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Redefining Intimacy

The other day I was explaining an idea I had to a friend of mine, who lives a gazillion miles away from me.  I realised verbally articulating it wasn’t working, so decided to take a screen-grab of a sketch I’d made of my concept and sent it to her. Waiting on her to marvel at my work of brilliance, I was taken aback when instead she exclaimed in hushed tones, “Is that what your handwriting looks like? I’ve never seen it before.”

8 Android Apps I Use On Heavy Rotation

Once upon a time, a long while ago I remember being very reluctant to trade in my Blackberry and make the move to the Android way of life – yes, back then I was a glutton for punishment. I had friends yelling at me to make the move already, not to mention my own father had taken to openly shaming me on my on-going abusive relationship with my super unreliable Bloodyberry.