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36 Questions To Fall In Love: #5

Pretty Woman Bath Tub

Every once in a while I take it upon myself to answer one of psychologist Arthur Aron’s “36 Questions To Fall In Love“. Not only are some of his questions quite entertaining and deeply revealing, but apparently they are also likely to increase your chances of making a love connection if you use them on a first date (don’t say I never helped y’all out).

Now this isn’t a date like scenario…but if you light up some candles, spritz some cologne/perfume and put on some pretty music while you read this, you never know 😉

Question 5: When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

The real question for me should be “When are you NOT singing?”, I am always singing to the delight…and irritation of those around me (depends on which camp you fall in).

To answer the question, the last time I sang to myself was this morning in the shower. One must make the most of those superb acoustics.

sing in the shower

As for the last time I intentionally sang to someone else, that would have been about 2 weeks ago. It was a friend’s birthday so I treated them to one of my infamous birthday-melody-mash-up phone calls that included a very rubbish attempt at freestyle rapping. It was quite awful :-).

Okay now over to you, when did you last sing to yourself or someone else and what track was it? Share and tell in the comment section.

Happy Monday, chickens!

V x

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  1. Yesterday…I was singing Brandy…most of the songs on Brandy’s Full Moon album because we all know that album rocks and also I plan to sing Brandy at karaoke this weekend so I was practising too.Who did I last sing to.. a very dear friend of mine for their birthday did a great renditition of Stevie’s Happy Birthday! Annnd I also think I have terrorised your ears recently too 😉


    • You and your love for Brandy, lol. Good luck with Karaoke this weekend, don’t forget to throw in a little hip shimmy neh.

      And yes, you have terrorised my ears quite recently, lol.


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