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Sumptuous Lunch at “The Mustard Seed”

We’ve been experiencing incessant, and much needed rainfall, on this side of the world for going on a month now. The novelty of spending the weekend huddled up indoors, sipping on tea and binging on my favourite shows is beyond old. I recently needed an excuse to leave the house and be bathed before 1:00pm on a Sunday, and lunch at The Mustard Seed provided that much needed (and very tasty) diversion.

Valentine’s Lunch at PS Cafe & Pizzeria

I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, yes despite it’s deep roots in capitalism and commercialism (blah blah *eye-roll*). The Mills & Boon part of me, that refuses to die, will celebrate this day any way I can and this year’s Valentine’s Day was spent at Pariah State’s latest baby, PS Cafe & Pizzeria in Belgravia.