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Cheeky Sunday Breakfast at “Antique Rose”


Breakfast food is my favourite food and I don’t believe a cafe is worth its salt unless they serve breakfast ALL day.

One of my favourite places to have a breakfast catch-up with friends in Harare is Antique Rose, off Golden Stairs Road in Emerald Hill.

Their menu is sumptuous, the set-up is so cute and granny-chic and the owner Stacey Atwell is an absolute sweetheart (and rocks MAC’s Heroine like a bauws).


Situated in the one lush corner of Golden Stairs Nursery.


Shakey camera shot aside,
the ambiance is a combination of
uber glam meets granny chic.


No time was wasted tucking in to a Classic English Breakfast *yummy*


Tea and water were our poisons of choice.
Look at these cute little cups and teapots!


I still had room for dessert…
yes, after having a hearty breakfast…
yes, there’s such a thing as dessert after breakfast.
Mostly, because I say so.


“How much tea is it normal to consume in one sitting?”,  I hear you ask.


This cake wasn’t mine.
But I still did nibble a corner.

So if you find yourself at a loose end some Sunday morning, here in Harare, do yourself a favour and spoil yourself with some tasty brekkie…and some sweet stuff too (if you’re that way inclined).


Address:                        72 Golden Stairs Road, Emerald Hill (in Golden Stairs                                                  Nursery).
Telephone Number:  +263 771 131 896
Facebook Page



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