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6 Snapchat Accounts I Currently Enjoy!


Listen, I will be the first to admit that it took me AGES to get into Snapchat! It was equal parts “Social Media fatigue” and “How-the-heck-does-this-thing-actually-work-though. For all the networking sites to have graced us in the new millennium, this has been the most un-intuitively (is that even a word, mmmmmh)  one built to-date.

Like with all things, after you give it a bit of time (and call good friends to yell dumb questions like “How do I find the filters?”) it has become a go-to favourite online space of mine for entertainment and information..

Yes, yes, I am well aware about Instastories and how some users are replicating content on both sites (bah humbug), but for now I’m more than happy to receive my daily dose of random visual content & story telling over at Snapchat and would love to share with you some of my current faves.


1. Shiona Turini (@shionat) 

The “S” in Shiona must stand for either sassy, stylish or silly because on her SC she’s all 3! A style consultant and all-round fashionista, she works for and with all the big luxury brands, and will keep you abreast all the latest trends and make you wish your bank account had more pennies in it.

Shiona’s care-free attitude, hilarious captions, fabulous “lewks” and the way she reps for her home country Bermuda so hard, makes her one of my faves in this space.
PS: She was also the stylist for Beyonce’s “Formation” video *mic drop*



2. Alex (@Decalex)

Alex singlehandedly has brought back the lost art of calligraphy, but in an uber cool way where he creates cool posters or cheeky sayings we can screen grab. Seriously, I wish my penmanship game was at least 25% of what his is, because right now it’s struggle street.

Oh and did I mention that him and his girlfriend have the 2 cutest cats ever! Alex does this daily evening thing where he waters the one cat, Oskar – ummmm, you have to see it to understand what I am talking about it, but it’s hilarious & deeply soothing at the same time.



3. Myleik Teele (@Myleik)

This woman is NOTHING but impressive! Her long history within public relations has led to her working with big brands for a living and she imparts some of this wisdom through her SC. Myleik won’t sell you dreams, she will remind you to stop wishing and start putting some hard work and dedication behind your dreams.

You have to visit her website and listen to her podcasts were she freely shares her story, lessons learned and current strategies for success. I enjoy Myleik’s refreshing forthrightness, her mini cooking tutorials (her food looks SO good) and the snaps which include her boyfriend referring to her followers as “Hi Snapchats”, lol.



4. 263 Connect (@Zimconnect)

The general idea behind this account is to have a Zimbabwean (based either within Zimbabwe or within the diaspora) host the account for 24 hours where they have free reign to share their insights and experiences as a Zimbabwean in the area of their field or location.

I particularly enjoy the hosts who have purpose to impart to those of us following, be it a mental health awareness, their latest clothing brand/record or general experiences as a Zimbabwean living in 2016. This account I believe reveals the best and worst of the Zimbabwean people – the former in our resilience, quest for excellence and general creativity, and the latter our zeal for negative speech, resistance to diversity and general small-mindedness.


5. Mark Suster (@msuster)

When I initially sought to immerse myself in the start-up world most of the jargon and terms of reference went straight over my head. Like, it was seriously late. Enter Mark with ALL the answers to the questions you didn’t even know concerning entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking, fundraising and networking.

He imparts his wisdom in what he has termed “Snap Storms” which amount to like 15 snaps, back to back, on a specific topic. Whether you are an employee, aspiring entrepreneur, small business owner or an executive in a huge corporate, Mark has all the knowledge and insights you seek.



6. Sophia Webster (@SophiaWebster)

If you want to witness first-hand how a brand should run their Snapchat account in a way that is both engaging, personable and oh-so tempting, then the Sophia Webster account is definitely the one to check out.

The account showcases and promotes Sophia’s amazing range of shoes and handbags in a way that you don’t feel like they’re obviously selling to you. The staff members who run the account also provide followers with a behind-the-scenes look into the operations and team that create and move these gorgeous creations. The designer herself, with also do account takeovers bring us on trips she goes on and videos of her daughter being adorable. They’ve definitely found the right balance between hold their followers attention, promoting their pricey wares and not taking themselves too seriously.


Did I pick any of your fave accounts?

I’m always on the lookout for new engaging, informative or downright random Snapchat accounts to follow, so share with me down in the comments which snapchatters are your daily staples?

V x

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