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12 Instagram Accounts To Combat Your Boredom Blues

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It’s Friday and I bet you’re all engaged in some form of enthusiastic clock watching, lol.

Let me make the last few hours, before the weekend officially arrives, a lot more bearable by sharing with you the 12 Instagram accounts that feed my soul and keep me thoroughly entertained every day of the week.

PS If you’re on Instagram, don’t be a stranger and pay me a visit over at VimfromZim.

Instagram Selection 1 - 41 – 4
Rihanna | RealTalkKim | Fashion Bomb Daily | Humans of NY

1. BadGalRiri:
Rihanna’s Instagram (IG) page isn’t one of those heavily edited celebrity IG pages that are devoid of personality (read: I’m looking at you Bey). Instead, we get a peek into her world and what an exciting world it is.

2. RealTalkKim
I love people who don’t mince their words and Kim Pothier is no mincer. Her truth telling and wisdom has made her a sought out religious influence on social media. Follow her and see if she strikes a chord with you.

3. Fashion Bomb Daily
Claire Sulmer’s has us IG lurkers rate, on a scale of “hot” or “hmm”, current fashion trends, celebrity outfits and stylish bloggers. She keeps us in the know and showcases gorgeous outfits.

4. Humans of New York
I have already done a semi ode to this page, so if you aren’t following it…get on it already. It’s my go-to for a daily dose of the warm and fuzzies.

Instagram Selection 5 - 85 – 8
Hot Dudes Reading | Boss Homes | Rupi Kaur | Shop Zuvaa

5. Hot Dudes Reading
A new-ish kid on the IG block, with its witty captions and growing base of fans who appreciate to see good looking men reading books on the train. Yes, books. Not a Kindles, Ipads or their phones. It’s the stuff of dreams *swoon*

6. Boss Homes
Amazing pics of classy, gorgeous and super pricey homes from around the globe. Eye candy for the architecturally inclined among us.

7. Rupi Kaur
I stumbled upon her page by chance and her candid prose had me lingering there for a very long time. This page will ignite your inner Emo and have you reaching for your notepad to compose beautiful sonnets.

8. Shop Zuvaa
Vibrant, gorgeous outfits created in Ankara fabrics and available for purchase = Peruse and fawn at your own risk 😉


Instagram Selection 9 - 12

9 – 12
Mindy Kaling | Bright Bazaar | Tytryone | French words

9. Mindy Kaling
A severe case of character bleed makes it impossible for me to distinguish where Mindy Kaling ends and determine where her tv persona, Mindy Lahiri begins. Hyperboles, sassy captions and jewel toned outfits makes this page my faves.

10. Bright Bazaar
If you weren’t so busy being blown away by the breathtaking travel images and gorgeous bursts colour that Will Taylor’s IG account is known for, you’d seriously hate him. Like seriously.

11. Tytryone
He’s not only Beyonce’s stylist but a perfectly coifed gentleman who takes higher grade selfies, quotes some real gems and has recently launched his own fashion label. Nicely done sir, nicely done *slow clap*

12. French words
What’s left of my O’level French vocabulary has made a strong comeback thanks to this IG page. Nothing like liberally scattering your speech with beautifully sounding words to look well rounded…and a bit of a twit too, lol.

Who did I miss?

Holla in the comments section which Instagram accounts are keeping YOUR boredom blues at bay.

V x

Image Source 1
Image Source 2, 3 & 4: Created by VimfromZim

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