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Saturday Seven #1


There’s nothing like having all hopes of sleeping in dashed by the steadily escalating temperatures outside.

26°C at 10:00am is no joke people, no joke.

Concepts like home air-con units (or even double glazing) haven’t quite reached some of us, so instead I find myself up, faffing about and thought I’d share some random bits and bobs with you instead.

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1. What shows are you watching? I know a lot of the US shows are back from hiatus, but I need some solid recommendations to entertain my need for pictorial escapism. Like is Narcos as good as everyone says? And what’s a good, cutesy fluffy show to watch? Also, what’s the deal with Mr Robot?

Let me know..

2. Have you read this ridiculously accurate article, “Travelling while African and trying to appease the visa gods” by Ciku Kimeria? It beautifully captures the trials and tribulations of having an African passport that’s usually met with suspicion or deemed undesirable *sigh*.

3. There’s a popular quote by Mae West that goes, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful” and I would like to refute it. I recently had too much of a good thing (pumpkin seeds) and it was anything but wonderful…it was more grossly uncomfortable and icky-feeling inducing.

Now you know -_-

4. My good friend Reenie recently launched her Nomwe Podcast that aims to teach and inspire its followers on a vast array of topics. I had the privilege of being her first guest on her first ever episode titled “Books With Friends”.

So if you want to hear me prattle on with a good girlfriend about books that have made an impression on us over the years, tune in here.

5. I’m turning into my mother! I just drank some tea to….(wait for it)…cool down!!!! Yes it works, but that’s besides the point!!!!

6.  In need of a hearty laugh today? Look no further than James Veitch from Mashable – the way he deals with scammers is quite laughicious, lol. Honestly, truly.

7. I turn 35 in exactly 2 weeks time and I’m completely stoked! not only is my upcoming age a multiple 5 (which makes me all sorts of happy for absolutely no reason at all, other than it does), but I finally will be of an age that justifies the multitude of grey hairs colonising my glorious coily crown, hehehe.

More importantly, I am now accepting all manner of awesome birthday gifts all month round :- hint hint -) Subtly was never a strong suit of mine, lol.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend, chickens!

PS Don’t forget to send me those tv show recommendations…or birthday presents either *ahem*

V x


  1. The podcast was solid. My list of tv shows that I am enjoying right now;

    2.Mr Robot
    3.Fresh Meat ( British tv show that follows the lives of few kids through uni. The right kind of humour for a rough week )
    4.Stranger Things ( I think what I like is that its based in the 80’s … )
    5.Murder in the first
    6.The Night Of… ***
    7. I am yet to find a period drama to replace Downton Abbey… But…” Mrs. Brown” is a nice one and “A Room With A View” is also quite lovely given that the rains are upon us.

    *** This actually is like my crack addiction right now..


    • Is “Stranger Things” as scary as they say (I have a low “thriller” threshold), I see Narcos is on your list too (everyone keeps piping up about that one – may need to make a concerted effort to watch that) and now I must find out what “The Night of is”. Thanks for the solid line-up…and for listening to the podcast too.


      • Stranger Things isnt scary at all. Its actually a pretty enjoyable binge watch kind of show. But yeah, work your way down the list and let me know. Should be back in H for silly season.


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