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I’m going to be honest, 8 days into 2017 and I’m still trying to summon that over hype sense of excitement and energy that I usually greet a new year with…and I’m missing the mark quite dismally.

Understandably so, though. A very good friend of mine passed away last month which led to me entering the new year with a profound sense of loss, hyper-awareness of my own (and everybody I love’s) mortality and a respectful appreciation for time.

From within my cocoon of sadness and grief I can still appreciate the opportunity that the 355 still-to-be-lived days of 2017 have to offer, and have a strong sense of how I want to spend them.

2017 Buzzword

For the past 3 years I have attributed a word to a new year based on what characteristic I wanted most to manifest and embody then. Last year my word was “Courage” because I kicked off 2016 with a huge and overwhelming sense of uncertainty and panic, and knew I would have to pull up my “big girl panties” and just do Life no matter how uncomfortable, foreign or unexpected things and people seemed (and goodness, where they just not ALL of those things).

I came up with my word for 2017, last year November – after it literally hounded me for a good 2 weeks, and it is “Health”.

The text book definition of the word will say “the state of being free from illness or injury”, which is part of it, however, the way in which I would love this word to reveal itself in my life this year would be in the following ways:

  • By actively pursuing healthy habits and practices as a long-term lifestyle choice and not just an “in” trend to follow.
  • Replacing inactivity in all areas of my life, due to general laziness, fear and procrastination (eeek!), with action plans and movement. Movement is key!
  • Fostering healthy relationships and boundaries within all relationships and letting go of those relationships that are toxic.
  • Making healthier, mature decisions with how I use my time, finances and talents/gifts.
  • Replacing negative self-talk and belief systems with positive, empowering versions.

Eish, just writing up this list made me tired, lol.

Doing the work

I’m very aware that nothing is going to change unless I put in the work and am intentional about how I can going to go about achieving each of the outlined states. Most of them I have already applied in my life, one way or another, the difference is that in 2017 I’m going to be more aggressive and intentional about it *roars*.

“You wanna know where greatness and success reside?
Inconveniently, out of the way.”
~ Myleik Teele ~

For example, those who know me very well know I have long declared myself “not a morning person”. My love and dedication to sleep is the thing that myths and legends are based upon, lol. Sadly, for me to optimise on adulting endeavours this limiting belief has currently been chucked out of the window and repressed. Is becoming a morning person and resisting the urge to hit the snooze button a gazillion times going to be easy? Nope (read: It’s going to hurt, dammit!). Is it necessary though? Yebo.

Don’t be an enemy of progress

As a recovering perfectionist (*sigh*), I am well aware that I have to keep an eye on my tendency to want to give up on something if:

  1. I don’t see progress happening fast enough (which is usually about a nanosecond).
  2. It is not going as I EXACTLY imagined it going.
  3. If it isn’t producing the EXACT outcome I wanted (even if the alternative outcome is still a good one).

It is quintessential African behaviour to attribute all unsuccessful outcomes, challenges and obstacles in life to people wanting ill for them (see, we’ve been on this “haters” tip long before rappers made it mainstream). Listen, I have no doubt that such negative and sabotaging individuals share the same air we do, but before you spend a whole lot of time lamenting about them. Just make sure first, that your own negative, basic-ass, sabotaging tendencies aren’t what is tripping you up in the first place.

Just do it, already.

Like how Nike has been telling us too, for years *mic drop*

Do you have a buzzword, theme or all-encompassing-goal for 2017? Let me know what it is, I would love to hear what everyone is focusing on this year.

Happy Monday, chickens!

V x

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